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Being a Parent is a Privilege, Not a Right

As I scanned my Twitter – further avoiding a shower, which may make me a bit late for work this AM (I can’t help it, I’m inspired today!) – I came across a Tweet from Good Morning America. Here’s what it said:

@GMA: RT @robinroberts: Just aired story on @GMA on a mom who gives her 7 year old w/ ADHD coffee. She swears it works.

Beyond the regular smattering of morning news, GMA has lately focused on parents who really shouldn’t have been allowed to  reproduce. Botox Mom, anyone?

I’m always amazed at the Media when they report these things. Now, I’m not saying GMA (which, in the spirit of full disclosure is one of my favorite morning shows) shouldn’t be showcasing these parents, but what I’m asking is why are there parents who do this in the first place?

Don’t feed your kid with ADHD coffee; don’t botox your 7 year old…and for that matter, don’t wax her legs. Let kids be kids, we don’t have the opportunity to be young for long, so embrace it. And no, I don’t have kids right now, but one day I will and I most certainly will not give them botox and beer, no matter how much they “annoy” me.

And maybe, take a nap; everyone feels better afterward.

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What is the BBB?

The “Boss Bitch, Baby” mentioned in my last post stemmed from a conversation I had with one of my good friends and her boyfriend, let’s call them S and M. And get your minds out of the gutter…

S and M both have varied ideas about what success means, which is why it’s so great to talk to them. Men, in general (especially my friend J) are super fascinating when it comes to discussing salaries and success because they think of things on a completely different scale than we, women, do. Men think of what is owed to them, Women think of what we owe.

“Suits” is the show that spawned this interesting title (and ultimately my ever-growing fascination with defining what it is to be a successful woman today). We were watching the first episode and it turns out the law firm in the show is run by a woman, Jessica Pearson. She is literally one of the strongest female characters I’ve seen to date. Now, in this show, powerful characters are the norm, but I was fascinated by this. I want to be that one — the one everyone listens to, the one everyone goes to when the job needs to get done, however, I don’t want to be labeled a “bitch.” That’s the fine line I believe women walk today.

Do you agree? Why or why not? Don’t just berate me for my opinions, fight for your own.

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