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Week 3: We’re in the Home Stretch!

Well, I know I missed a post last week, but let me explain — it was one heck of a week.

I reevaluated some goals and added some new ones for 2012.

2012 is going to be a year of self-discovery and good things!! I have found a new apartment complex (where I want to move as soon as my current lease is up), figured out a way to budget better and have great success in my professional and personal arena.

As resistant as I am to change, I’m desperately trying to give it a chance. I am trying to see things from a different angle as I so often advise my friends to do.

I’m also trying to gift myself with patience this holiday/new year and the ability to understand that things that are scary as sometimes really amazing.

I will be baking cookies and trimming a tree this weekend, preparing for Christmas and trying to keep my stress level down.

How are you spending this week? Hope you are exceeding/reevaluating your goals!

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