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One Week: The Last of the Mohicans

Ahhh New Year’s, you’ve snuck up on me again. Actually, JK, I’ve been looking at you for the past ten weeks.

What did I accomplish in this #10to2012 blog challenge of mine? I learned to be less rigid, follow through even more than I already do and to be kinder to myself. And also to not let everyone’s baggage bother me.

What did you learn?

My goals weren’t all accomplished, but I’ve reevaluated some, added, tossed and decided on a great set of resolutions for 2012. Here we go!

1. Networking Challenge: I’m officially starting (on January 3) the Classy Career Girl blog networking challenge. Read about it here (and follow this blog for more posts).

2. Personal: I want to be fit and confident and happy. I’m pretty confident, but I still have moments where my 8-year-old self rears her unconfident self. That, hopefully, will stop in 2012…or at least happen less.

3. Career: I’m going to focus on what I need/want and then devise a plan to get it. And I’m going to do that in other areas, but you don’t need to know about that.

What will you accomplish in 2012? Share your resolutions with me! And enjoy and safe and happy NYE!

#10to2012201120something goalsadvicecareer goalsend of the yearGoalsone weekresolutions

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

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New, New Twitter: I like Ya, I guess

New New Twitter is here to stay, or so it appears, and I’ve got to say — although I’ve got some serious beef with the iOS application, the new UI for Twitter’s Web app isn’t half bad!

The main beef I have with the iOS application is that you have to switch between Twitter usernames with three taps instead of the old one click and BOOM you’re switched. Ultimately I’d like to see a completely separate iPhone home screen app short cut for each Twitter account you have, but I think that’s a big dream.

I love the connect feature — it is great to see who follows you, adds you to lists and mentions you, all on one screen.

I also like how the feed takes up most of the real estate of the Web browser window; it helps me see what’s really going on and how I can make the most of my connections.

The Mac App hasn’t changed yet and I kind of hope it won’t. I like the clean lines of the app, easy switching between usernames and the ability to edit the photo and profile directly in the application.

What do you like, dislike about #newnewtwitter?

@giornalista515#newnewtwitteriPhone appsiPhone Twitter appnew twitterTweetingTwitterTwitter applicationTwitter UITwitter updateWeb applications

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Week 2: The Feast of the Fishes

Ahh it’s finally that time of year — the feast of the fishes. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an Italian tradition to eat at least 7 fish on Christmas Eve and absolutely no meat. I think it originated because we love fish and were poor for many Christmases, but now, it’s just something I really love.

We’re doing whole lobsters this year — you know what that means?! Claw Wars! Yes, we actually fight each other with the claws of our dearly departed dinners.

Either way, it’s Christmas time and I couldn’t be happier.

Blogging these last ten weeks in 2011 has helped me realize so many things. I am able to accomplish anything I put my mind to; I am good enough the way I am; someone will love me for me; and doing something I’m afraid of is what I need to do in order to kick of 2012 with a bang!

What have you learned about yourself in the last few months?

Share your lessons with me and enjoy your feast of the fishes, or whatever traditions your family shares!!

#10till2012#ItalianGirlProbschristmasfeast of the fishesGiornalistaholidayholiday traditionsItalianItalian problemsseven fishThe GiornalistatraditionsVictoria Reitano

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

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Week 3: We’re in the Home Stretch!

Well, I know I missed a post last week, but let me explain — it was one heck of a week.

I reevaluated some goals and added some new ones for 2012.

2012 is going to be a year of self-discovery and good things!! I have found a new apartment complex (where I want to move as soon as my current lease is up), figured out a way to budget better and have great success in my professional and personal arena.

As resistant as I am to change, I’m desperately trying to give it a chance. I am trying to see things from a different angle as I so often advise my friends to do.

I’m also trying to gift myself with patience this holiday/new year and the ability to understand that things that are scary as sometimes really amazing.

I will be baking cookies and trimming a tree this weekend, preparing for Christmas and trying to keep my stress level down.

How are you spending this week? Hope you are exceeding/reevaluating your goals!

#10in2011#10in2012#10to20123 weeks in 2011adviceavoid stressdebt goalsgetting out of debtGoalssetting goalsways to avoid stressweek 3Yogatoria

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

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New Month, New Goals

Ah the beginning of another month.

December, that cold-hearted beotch is back. She’s here to rub it in our ruby-red noses that we’re single, cold and tired. That another year has passed us by and that despite the accomplishments we’ve had, we haven’t done nearly as much as we thought we would this year. She’s the meanest of mean girls, and even that is being kind.

What will you do to fight her?

Since we can’t change the date and since a time machine has yet to be invented (another thing I didn’t do this year!), we’ve got to keep going.

As they say in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming.”

I’m going to keep swimming by setting another set of goals. It is officially the last 30 days of my 90 day challenge and there are only 5 weeks left in my 10 till 2012 goal setting challenge.

My 90 Day Challenge had me setting goals in the six areas of my life as I define them.

Personal, Work, Friendships, Love, Money and Family.Β 

I separated it into 15, 30 and 60 day goals and now that 60 days has come and gone, I’m taking today (a fresh slate, if you will) to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and what I haven’t.

I’m also taking the opportunity to re-write them for the next 30 days and then using that list to create my resolutions.

I have accomplished three of my four Nov. goals, and my Dec. goals are already started! From my experience, saving/writing this list is a great idea!

How do you do this? Do you think setting goals helps you succeed?


#10till201230days90daysaccomplishing goalsadviceGoalslosing weightrelationshipssetting goalsweight lossweightloss

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