Welcome! Thanks for visiting my portfolio and blog site.

Who am I?
I’m Victoria Reitano, @giornalista515 on my social networks and V for short.

What do I do?
I’m a digital producer. This basically means that I can build a website, oversee the development of a website and manage the content on that website. I also manage social media accounts and have a knack for building large communities quickly and, increasing engagement at the same time.

When did I start doing this?
In 2008. I started in the online editorial department of This Old House magazine. You can still see some of those original clips (like Historic Haunted Houses and the Perfect Tools to Build a Gingerbread House) on their website.  I managed their Facebook page and then live tweeted the 2009 inauguration for my hometown paper, the Staten Island Advance (I later worked for them as well, but that’s all on my professional bio page)

Where do I work?
In New York City. I’ve been in love with Manhattan my whole life… and now I live here! I’m thankful and surprised by this fact every, single day. Just head over to my Instagram to see.

Why do I do what I do and why do I have this website? Because I love my apartment and enjoy paying my bills… but really, because I truly believe that the future of journalism (print, Web, TV, etc) is in digital and I want to be on the teams that will help change this field and allow us to share the news with you wayyyy into the future. This blog serves as a hub for my clips and also a place to express my musings. I feed my soul every day: from cooking to Soulcycle to my job, I try to love a part of everything I do on a daily basis. That’s what this blog will teach you.

How do I do what I do?
Years and years of practice and quite a bit of “being in the right place at the right time.” You can learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile and more about feeding my soul on my blog. 

I hope you enjoy these blogs, videos and social media musings… and I hope you head out there and feed your soul today!